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Health Warnings and Health Alert

Broadcast Health Warnings To Residents

Health alerts and health warnings If a medical alert or serious health problem should arise in your community, our automatic phone service can help you notify all or part of your residents. With our emergency notification phone service, we can broadcast medical and health warning messages to thousands of households in your community warning of catastrophic disasters including health alerts and health warnings.

Medical alert messages can be simultaneously delivered in just minutes using our network of phone systems and services. Pre-recorded warning messages can be played giving households information regarding community health alerts such as pollution warnings, sudden cold streaks or heat waves, etc. You can send a broadcast warning to specific neighborhoods or communities in the event of a localized problem and provide priority delivery of these messages to those nearest the health hazard. Multiple messages can be delivered to different members of the community based upon proximity to the affected area. Calls can be directed to operators that are standing by to handle special individual emergencies. Medical dispatch messages can also be broadcast seeking volunteers or special assistance from emergency personnel.

Other applications include warning residents when the danger of a specific health hazard is at a high level, such as high pollution or pollen levels, heat wave, and cold snap. Travel and activity restrictions can likewise be broadcast using this service.

Alert messages sent to households in this fashion can be simple warnings with specific or general instructions. If the community needs feedback from the call, an interactive response can be programmed into the message allowing the person to either acknowledge the call or to contact someone. Messages can vary based upon proximity to the event, with different degrees of broadcast warning and instructions.

To learn more about our emergency response and health alert disaster phone service, please visit our Emergency Broadcast System web page.

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Community Health Alert and Warning Applications

The following are just a few of the applications for this emergency phone warning system:

  • Contact Health Officials and Police
  • Warn Community of Local Hazards
  • Warn Remote Communities
  • Contact Community Hospitals
  • Contact Emergency Response Teams
  • Call Nearby Businesses and Households
  • Notify Community of Traffic Diversion
  • Request Volunteers In Specific Threatened Area
  • Broadcast Event Cancellation Notices
  • Notify Community of Evacuation Routes

How To Use Our Community Health Alert Service?

Our community health alert and warning service is easy to use. Calls can be initiated from our website or can be activated by phone. If you purchase our system, activation can be initiated using our easy-to-use wizard program.

    Touch Phone Activation

    Our community notification service can be initiated by calling our emergency 800 number with our IVR Services feature. Simply enter your account ID and password using touch phone responses. Once validated, you can record your message and select from any number of lists of phone numbers (such as EMS crews). That's it! We immediately start calling the individuals on the selected list playing the recorded message.

    Web Activation

    community health alert emergency phone dialers emergency notification system We also provide the same type of activation using our website. Here you also have the ability to maintain your lists as well as create new ones using our mapping systems. When an emergency arises, you simply record your emergency message offline or use our toll free phone service to record your message. Next identify your call recipients using a simple list manager or a graphical map display and send us your phone numbers via the internet. We do the rest. Visit our Web User's Guide to see how this service can be managed and initiated.

    Computer Message Activation

    emergency message dialers emergency notification system Our emergency notification network also supports computer and web connectivity using XML technology. Thus, emergency communication can be initiated from your website or computer by automatically sending our emergency phone system a message containing a list of one or more phone numbers and a message to be sent to these individuals. The message can be text (which is automatically converted to voice) or a voice file. For further information, visit our Emergency XML messaging web page.

Touch Phone Responses

emergency notification touch phone Unlike some systems that are limited by the number of lines available to perform this emergency dialing, our service is provided to you using a network of phone lines that can deliver your emergency messages much faster. Our forest fire alert and emergency notification system delivers messages to individuals or answering machines and can even allow the call recipient to make touchphone selections. This may be important if your response center requires a positive acknowledgement from the call recipient such as the emergency response team.

Answering Machine Detection

Another advanced feature of our emergency notification phone system is its ability to not only detect answering machines, but to leave a separate pre-recorded message on this machine. Unlike most message delivery systems, we can detect the end of the answering machines greeting prompt and start playing your message immediately after this prompt.

Traditional emergency phone dialers cannot detect the difference between an individual and an answering machine. Most emergency dialers that can detect the difference simply ignore these answering machines. At best these phone systems schedule the answering machine number to be redialed later. Our emergency dialer gives you the option to select any one of these response methods.

Purchased System Versus Contracted Service?

This is a question that communities should carefully consider. A purchased system gives you more control, but requires sufficient phone lines, equipment and on site technical knowledge to keep your system operational. The larger your community, the greater capital expense is required to broadcast your emergency messages in a timely fashion. If your message broadcasting system is used for more than just emergencies, it is easier to justify a purchase over contracted service. After all, an emergency phone broadcast scenario is something you hope you never need to use.

Contracting your emergency health warning and broadcasting service requires less up front capital and can provide a faster emergency broadcast response if your provider has the resources available. Other than a monthly subscription fee, you only pay for the emergency broadcast as it occurs. System redundancy is available as well as centralized and experienced technical assistance.

Health Alert and Product Service Information

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