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911 Broadcast Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

911 911 Broadcast Emergency Service
AA Auto Attendant - Call Routing System
ACD Automatic Call Distribution - ACD Systems
ANI Automatic Number Identification
API Application Programming Interface
ASP Application Service Provider
B2B B2B Business To Business Marketing
B2C Business To Consumer
BTS Banking Telemarketing Systems
BVB Bulk Voice Message Broadcast
CCF Advanced Call Center Solutions of the Future
CCO Call Center Outsourcing
CAS Call Announcement System
CAWS Civil Alert Warning System
CC Call Center Software
CIM Customer Interaction Management
CLM Call List Management
CM Contact Management Software
CMS Church Messaging System
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
Customer Relationship Management
CRMS Customer Relationship Management Software
CSR Customer Service Representative
CTC Contact Center
DB Database Software
DCS Debt Collection System
DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service
DRRS Digital Recording Retrieval System - Call Recording
DM Direct Marketing Software and Systems
DSC Database Systems Corp.
DXP XML Push XML Pull Phone Messaging and Remote Data Access
FRD Fund Raising Dialer
GUI Graphical User Interface
HTML Hyper Text Mark Up Language
IMD Insurance Marketing Dialer
ISP Internet Service Provider
IT Information Technology
IVR Interactive Voice Response IVR Systems
LAN Local Area Network
LINUX A highly recommended Unix-type operating system (free)
LPRS Late Payment Reminder Service